Thank you for your interest in the Student Organizations of Sociology at the University of North Carolina Charlotte.The Sociology Department at UNC Charlotte has two student organizations, the Student Association of Sociology, and Alpha Kappa Delta, in which our undergraduate and graduate students can participate.  Students are encouraged to actively participate in at least one of the student organizations to be more integrated into the functions of the department. Integration in the department is beneficial to the student in many ways:

  • Students develop relationships with faculty which facilitate networking opportunities, as well as provides a basis from which letters of recommendation can be written.

  • Students can develop their leadership skills by taking on the responsibilities of club officers.

  • Students can learn more about the professional activities of sociologists

  • Students can promote the field of sociology in the greater community.

Our Student Association of Sociology welcomes all majors and minors for membership. We are working hard to grow the club and increase visibility of both organizations in the department. For anyone that has an interest in sociology, this is a great opportunity to network with professionals in the field, become involved in the department, volunteer in our community, and potentially hold leadership positions in the near future. 

Find us on Instagram! SAS UNC Charlotte, @uncc_sas