Graduate & Professional Student Government (GPSG)

The mission of GPSG at UNC Charlotte is to:

  • Advocate for the interests of graduate students at UNC Charlotte 
  • To provide a forum for free and open discussion of matters affecting graduate students
  • To provide financial and organizational support for events within this community             

News & Updates:

(8/29) GPSG Hosts First Senate Meeting

GPSG hosted the first Senate meeting of the 2017-2018 academic year, introducing a new agenda to increase graduate student representation.

See the latest GPSG Newsletter for complete updates!


  • Pady Doroodchi was elected to the position of GPSG Secretary in a special vote to fill the vacant position
  • Four student leaders were confirmed to GPSG Cabinet positions
  • GPSG President Taylor Valley proposed, and the Senate passed several motions:
    • Establishment of a permanent International Graduate Student Committee 
    • Establishment of Secretary of Veteran Student Affairs Cabinet position
    • Establishment of Secretary of International Student Affairs Cabinet position

Associate Dean of The Graduate School, Dr. Katherine Hall-Hertel, welcomed Senate members to the new year, and explained the importance of GPSG as the primary representative body for graduate student needs since 1999. 

Please see the full schedule of GPSG Senate meetings on OrgSync or Facebook.

(8/7) Accepting Applications for Cabinet and Committee Positions

Each year, the GPSG President appoints, and the GPSG Senate confirms, a Cabinet to focus on specific activities, policy, and initiatives.

The GPSG Cabinet is one of the best ways to serve your graduate student body while gaining valuable leadership experience. Apply on OrgSync today!

(5/26) GPSG Statement Denouncing Islamophobia

Please see GPSG's statement on recent Islamophobic events on campus here.

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