Volunteering Guide for Graduate Student Organizations

Each academic year, members of a chartered Graduate Student Organization (GSO) are required to complete a total of sixteen (16) unpaid volunteer hours in order to remain in good standing with GPSG. Four (4) of the sixteen (16) volunteer hours must be completed with the GPSG. There are no individual requirements, only that the GSO collectively submit a total of sixteen (16) volunteer hours before the deadline.

The deadline to complete your GSO volunteer hours each year is May 31st!

The GPSG Secretary manages the tracking of volunteer hours for GSOs. Please contact the GPSG Secretary if you have any questions about volunteering. You can also visit the GPSG OrgSync page for your volunteer information.



How to Volunteer

There are several ways that your GSO members can earn volunteer hours during the year:

  1. Volunteer at GPSG Sponsored and Cosponsored Events
    • Help organize, manage, and execute engaging events with the GPSG
    • Assit with main events such as the GPSG Etiquette Dinner, and the Graduate Research Symposium
  2. Serve on a GPSG Committee
    • Serve on any of the GPSG Committees such as Finance, Research Fair, Speakers and Events, and the GPSG Fellowship.
  3. Serve as a GPSG Cabinet Member
    • The GPSG Cabinet has a wide range of positions to help build leadership skills applicable across industries
  4. Serve on a Campus Advisory Board or Committee
    • Connect with the UNC Charlotte community and advocate for graduate students on one of the many advisory boards or committees on campus
  5. Serve the UNC Charlotte, or Greater Charlotte Communities
    • The City of Charlotte has hundreds of ways to get involved and make a difference
    • Serve at UNC Charlotte events such as the annual Earth Month activities
    • See below for volunteer resources in the community

Unsure if your volunteer activities count? Please contact the GPSG Secretary.

Submitting Your Volunteer Hours

You can submit your volunteer hours for your GSO via this OrgSync form.

Volunteer hours must be submitted individually. On the form, indicate your GSO, and the GPSG Secretary will attribute the hours to your organization.

Per the GPSG By-Laws (2014), the volunteer hours form must be submitted within two (2) weeks of the date that you completed your service. The GPSG Executive Board will approve your submission, or contact you with any questions.

If you disagree with the decision reached by the GPSG Executive Board regarding your volunteer service, you have the right to submit a proposal before the Senate. All proposals must be submitted by April 15th each year.

Off-Campus Volunteer Opportunities

GPSG encourages graduate students to become active volunteers in the UNC Charlotte and Greater Charlotte communities. There are always ways to help, so please visit some of the resources below for engaging ways to connect with your community. Volunteering in the community can count for up to twelve (12) of your GSOs required sixteen (16) hours.




UNC Charlotte Office of Volunteer Outreach

Provides placement and support services to individuals and organizations involved in community service






Hands On Charlotte by United Way

Searchable database of hundreds of volunteer opportunities in Charlotte