Volunteering Guide for Chartered Graduate Student Organizations


Each year, a chartered GSO is required to complete sixteen (16) volunteer hours.

Four of these 16 hours must be performed in conjunction with GPSG. There are several ways to obtain these GPSG hours: 

  1. Serve on a GPSG committee or within the cabinet
  2. Volunteer at a GPSG hosted or co-hosted event
  3. Volunteer for the Graduate Research Symposium (GRS)

To determine whether your volunteer work counts for GPSG hours, check with the GPSG secretary to see if the event is being hosted by a member of the GPSG Executive Board, or check for GPSG's logo on the event flyer.

Current GPSG Volunteer Opportunities:

This site will be updated as volunteer opportunities arise. 

If you would like to apply for a cabinet position, please fill out the form here.