Chartering a Graduate Student Organization

The Deadline to Recharter was September 8, 2017

Did you miss the recharter deadline?

You can submit an application to charter a new organization anytime!

Complete the 2 steps below if you wish to Charter your GSO with the GPSG:

STEP 1.    Register your GSO with Student Organizations

  1. Attend a Registration Workshop: Workshop info & Registration links

    This workshop is mandatory for all Student Organizations. At least one member of your GSO should attend this workshop once a year. You can not Register with Student Orgs if you have not attended a Registration Workshop.

  2. Register with Student Orgs: Information

    Your Registration with Student Orgs should be updated every year to stay in good standing. Your GSO can only Register with Student Orgs after attending a Registration Workshop.

STEP 2.    Charter your GSO with the GPSG

Please note that you must complete all 3 portions above before the deadline. If your organization does not complete the process, Your organization will not be in good standing and your members will not be eligible for travel FUNDING or other funding through the year to support your student organization. 

You are allowed to fill out the Charter form before Registering with Student Orgs. However, you will need to Register with Student Orgs before September 8 for your Charter application to be complete.